Environmental sustainability is a huge issue in the world everyday for a variety of reasons, one of which is the rise of technology. We wanted to use our programming skills to show the positive impact tech can also have on society, using it to raise awareness, advocate, and facilitate fruitful discussion. It's often difficult to see the ways you slowly contribute to the overwhelmingly large amount of greenhouse gases, so we created a calculator to help with that.

What it does

Our project serves as a area of environmental awareness, featuring a page with information on the various contributors to carbon emissions and a calculator to show how much CO2 you output through your daily travels.

How we built it

This website was created in primarily HTML, CSS, and Javascript, using the IDE.

Challenges we ran into

For a lot of us this was one of our first hackathons, so a lot of unforeseen issues came up that were pretty hard for us to solve. Something we spent a lot of time on was the javascript behind our calculator, because the function wasn't executing when it was supposed to. Thankfully, with the help of mentors, we were able to fix it and get it done.

Another issue we had to tackle was echoAR. We originally wanted to integrate it into an QT app, having one of our members being proficient in C++, as to utilise all of our strengths. However, while integrating our website was easy enough, echoAR proved to be more difficult than previously assumed. We decided then to push the app development aspect of Illustree, as a 'next step'. This allowed us more time to work on the website, and what we had already made for the Illustree app could served as a prototype of how we could further expand the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A huge aspect of the project we're proud of is the design and UI. This is something we spend a large portion of our time on, and worked on a lot. Another issue that we tackled and overcame was the wide distribution of experience, but although it was difficult, because some of us had never used before, we all worked together to learn and teach each other about how to use the software. Many of us also gained exposure to new languages, and we all walked away with something new.

Our team members also learned many advanced formatting techniques, one in particular was the moving background on our website, and defining more complex layout and allowing flexibility.

What we learned

Coming from three different countries, this project offered us the opportunity to learn to work together alongside improving our technical skills. All of our programming proficiency's increased a lot, through the practice we gained during the creation of this project.

What's next for Illustree

Moving forward, we're hoping to complete the implementation of the Illustree app, adding echoAR and OpenCV in conjunction with our calculator to see what else can be done to lower carbon emissions. We also want to gather more information about carbon emissions and address all of the various causes, and tackle more issues.

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