We wanted to develop an interactive game where collaboration was a core element of the user experience - IllustrAIte allows players to work together in an exciting and meaningful way.

What it does

IllustrAIte is an online, AI-Powered multiplayer sketching game!

We provide a fun, engaging and collaborative gaming experience – players are asked to finish each other's sketches against an AI opponent! Once the round has been completed, and everyone has contributed, the players must determine which sketch was generated by the AI. Points are awarded to players that correctly identify the computer-generated drawing over the ones created by their friends.The aim of the game is not to be caught out by the constantly improving AI, which learns based on past games.

How we built it

Created a back-end using Python (Falcon) and mongoDB, implemented AI using a pre-trained LSTM and connected to a React based front-end web application.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing our Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) RNN (in the space of 24 hours!); CSS...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Reimplementing parts of TensorFlow JS using Python; making a pretty front-end and not dying from sleep deprivation.

What we learned

Gained experience in using web frameworks, neural networks and machine learning.

What's next for IllustAIte

Train our neural network on even more categories to extend our model and increase accuracy.

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