As an employee in corporate America, Gail Carter loves to volunteer and help others in her community. She realized that her friends wanted to volunteer as well, but they did not know where to start. So, she created Illuminare!

What it does

Illuminare streamlines the way employee engagement volunteering is done through a collaborative online platform, which currently includes a website. This platform will allow corporations to connect with nonprofit organizations, and facilitate matching between employees and the organizations to create engaging and meaningful volunteering experiences.

How I built it

The website for Illuminare was built on Glitch, a collaborative platform, using HTML and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

The team is new to coding, so we didn't know how to actualize our vision. We also had trouble figuring out how to make a database for our website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Together, we learned new skills, like how to implement basic HTML coding to make a simple website.

What I learned

In addition to learning some HTML, we also learned how to come together with different ideas about how Illuminare should look and work.

What's next for Illuminare

Work on front-end development, namely adding a user interface through which volunteers can sign up, join volunteering opportunities, and receive points for their efforts. We also want to work on the back-end, namely the matching algorithm, which includes a database of nonprofit organizations as well as customizable filters for volunteers to be appropriately matched to opportunities. We also want to move forward with SPARK funding!

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