A lot of people park their vehicles outside of someone else's houses. The same happened in our case and we struggled a lot. Hence an idea popped in my mind to create an AI-Buzzer which can solve this problem and help people!

What it does

As soon as any vehicle whether it be a car,bike,activa,scooty etc comes into the frame , the buzzer auto-matically starts and tells to park the vehicle somewhere else.

How we built it

We have currently built it by using Google's teachable Machine, because it was giving much better accuracy than self coding. We have also used Javascript to make the backend of the web-app. Firstly The data was collected through google and through the streets in my city. Then the model was trained. The Website was developed with javascript and an buzzing feature was added into it.

Challenges we ran into

  • The first biggest one was making the AI-Model. We spent dozens of hours making an one using tensorflow, but it provided a lot less accuracy and hence we switched to google's teachable machine.
  • Firstly we made the web-app using python, but due to its slow speed and latency. It took 50 seconds to just load a video! Hence I had to revise my javascript skills and code the website from scratch again!
  • The recording of video was quite tough because , due to lot of noises in street.
  • We had to make the model such that if any person or object comes into frame, it doesn't detect it as a vehicle, but we happily figured it out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Proud to make one more amazing project in few days.
  • Proud to Develop and test things online.
  • Learn't Javascript in a Short Span of time.

What we learned

We learned javascript, the musical frameworks in html, Streamlit and sharpened AI skills


This can be incorporated into small devices like rasberry and hence could be deployed on the streets, where parking is not allowed, this would be useful in places like schools, malls,hotels etc.

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