ilka (Koasati)

'what one says; a saying'

Popular language education websites are currently able to present vocabulary lists in foreign languages, but researchers have found that this approach contributes to ideologies that the language is merely a school subject or something to be memorized. This may be harmful to endangered language revitalization efforts that seek to create a new generation of language speakers - which requires that the new speakers see the language as a productive means of communication.

Current researchers find that presenting language in context through dialogues is effective for language revitalization. For this purpose, Ilka allows teachers to create dialogues interspersed with interactive questions and presents those dialogues to students in a natural way that simulates real conversation.

(see: Wagner)

Teachers can:

  • Upload dialogues line-by-line
  • Add multiple-choice comprehension questions and open-ended free-response questions with suggested answers
  • Save dialogues to a JSON format and load previously saved dialogues

Students can:

  • Upload dialogue JSON files to view them
  • Step through conversation item by item
  • Receive feedback on responses to questions
  • View translations and hear synthesized speech audio
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