We were inspired by and in terms of philosophy, PlaytoEarn model represented by Axie (especially its demography of the main users) and in terms of productivity and co-working. We are also (anti) inspired by Student Loans and Dramamine chasing social media business model.

What it does

iLearnX BeyondWeb3 provide users with free online library and co-working networks in order to complete Web3 development/designer course. It generally offers open-source/free programming summary and roadmaps to become a key player in the industry, and where you learn it, you also have an opportunity to teach others and get a job.

How we built it

Internet Computer is a single source of iLearnX BeyondWeb3 (storing courses and data of users: progress in the course). Using ICP native language Motoko, React and Solidity, the entire database is fully on chain and ready to expand.

Challenges we ran into

It was the first time for our team to build project on ICP, and when we tried to deploy our site on ICP canister it kept giving errors we have never seen before. We hope that there will be more chances to become familiar with the protocol in the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we managed to build a e-learning website that can be used by Web3 curious from today, that is easy to scale up. We mapped entire backbone structure and blueprint of the ecosystem and set up new milestones for next development.

What we learned

We learned how to launch an entire open-education platform on one of the most advanced blockchain project in the sphere.

What's next for iLearnX Beyond Web3 (By Yaruhito Project)

We will continue to build a new cross-platform application to automate learning process. We are looking for blockchain partners to build our project upon/with, and possibly look into EdTech accelerator programs from some database site. Simultaneously, we will build strong community of aspired developers and start iteration of our app in a few months.

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