While learning about blockchain, I came across the loot project and text-based NFTs. So, as a way to try out my solidity and other blockchain related skills and creating something based on NFTs I created this project

What it does

ilab is a marketplace where users can buy, sell and mint Eternal Characters, which are ERC-721 standard (NFT) tokens. Eternal Characters are the residents of Eternal Domain world. They consist of 3 main characteristics, Area of Control, Weapon and Rank.

How we built it

Built using solidity, hardhat and ethers. The contracts also use OpenZepplin ERC-721 token contracts token mint NFT tokens

Challenges we ran into

Retrieving data for a particular itemId when an item is listed on the marketplace or is sold. With Randomness related to text selection for NFT ## Accomplishments that we're proud of Creating this project and learning about blockchain. Successful transaction through metamask for buying, selling and minting of NFTs. ## What we learned How to make contract for minting ERC-721 standard tokens. How to use hardhat and ethers to deploy and retrieve data from blockchain ## What's next for Eternal-Market Using Chainlink for random selection of test and price feeds. Security and design patterns for smart contracts. Design for website

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of creating one of the best DeFi UI across all blockchains. The UI is advanced yet very simple to use by any user. Also I'm proud of giving people the necessary tools to achieve their financial independence.

What we learned

While working on Atlantis Loans I learned a few valuable lessons. One of those lessons was to never give up even if I was stuck and didn't know how to solve a problem. The other lesson was to listen to the community and consider their input

What's next for ilab

I want Ilab to be on every mejor cross chain. I already took multi-chain into consideration while designing the architecture. The Atlantis Loans UI is also ready to go multi-chain. The next few weeks I want to introduce a Bridge from where users can send their tokens from one blockchain to another.

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