Alexa devices are getting loaded with personal skills like banking however there is no identity management available to run it through. We created a banking skill on Alexa that runs on voice commands

What it does

It does the operations of a bank by transferring cash between users by using voice commands. We have build authentication around it using Speaker Recognition Module from Microsoft Cognitive Services.

How we built it

We build the banking api and transactions functionality on Node JS and wrapped it in a container. Did put it up on Cycle for availablilty and fault tolerance. Created the skill for adding taking voice commands using Alexa Skills Kit. Create a python web app to use alexa from the browser Created and Android app to show the details of transactions on the system.

Challenges we ran into

Voice manipulation and processing is difficult. Not a good candidate for hacker but it was interesting and very good learning experience

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-- Edit After the Hackathon -- We were in a crowded room while demoing this app, still Alexa picked up all the voice notes and transcribed it to text perfectly. Even the intents that were matched were perfect and made our app run seamlessly.

What we learned

--Edit After the Hackathon -- Containers are always a good idea. Voice based apps are tough but they give a great UX!

What's next for Ikran

-- Edit After the Hackathon --- Planning to spin up my own auth provider based on Microsoft Speaker Recognition Module. This V-Auth will work as a Service Oriented Company to provide authentication based on Voice Inputs

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