We co-founded of our high school's ocean conservancy club to raise awareness and take action against the pollution and climate change that affects our oceans. During virtual learning, we've been trying our best to engage our members during clubs with games, presentations, projects, and guest speakers. Outside of club hours, however, members of our Discord server are highly inactive. Ikkaku means narwhal in japanese, and it is our mascot because it has a pointy horn, which represents our club's commitment to pinpoint the root of the ocean issues and solve them. We wanted to have a fun little discord assistant

What it does

It has a couple of helpful commands: Available commands:

!ping - Pong !pong - Ping !save - the turtles! !hello - ikkaku will greet you !info - club information !intro - ikkaku's self introduction !fact - get an ocean fact !joke - ikkaku tells an ocean pun !fact - ikkaku gives an ocean fact or statistic !status - sets's ikkaku's current status

How we built it

We used VSCode to edit our code, Discord.js to build our bot's functions, and we hosted the bot on Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

We had some difficulties trying to get the API key to work on heroku, but we did eventually. We also took a while to resolve the merge conflicts because it was my first time on the receiving side of a pull request.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're just proud we got the bot up and running, and this was a great first bot!

What we learned

We learned that building a discord bot is pretty fun, and after chatting with other coders, there are also other ways to approach building the bot that achieve the same purpose, and we want to explore those methods as well.

What's next for ikkaku

We want ikkaku to be able to pull things from the web (retrieving a new blog post, get new ocean puns), and we also want to make certain commands accessible by mods only.

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