Our inspiration for this project was from personal experiences. We experienced how scary and isolating hospitals can be, and how as kids you have a tendency to neglect their own health due to forgetfulness, feelings of depression, or simply because they were never taught to.

What it does

The pet will ask the user to take care of them by giving them food, medication, and attention. It does this by taking the input of a calendar or alarm that signals when a child needs to take their medication so that the pet's health is in line with the patients. The only way the pet can receive its medication is by detecting a target point under a clear cup or spoon that is holding the patient's medicine, incentivizing them to take the meds so the target can be visible and detected on the camera so the pet can also receive care. This same idea can be implemented with meals so that the patent eats properly and doesn't have to eat alone. The pet will also say some positive/encouraging words to the patient when they first open the app and before/after appointments. The goal is to encourage the patient to take care of themselves alongside their pet and build a connection between their pet and their health . This would build good early habits and be a positive reinforcement for children in their later lives.

How we built it

We used Unity and C# language to build the game. One us had the main project on Unity while the other one sent the C# code through replit.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were trying to navigate through Unity and having to work with an unfamiliar coding language. The struggles with Unity ran anywhere from figuring out Components, debugging, crashing several times, to even having the files get corrupted and losing all the progress made up until that point.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments we are proud of are that we were able to figure out and navigate unfamiliar programs and coding languages.

What we learned

We have learned a lot on how to use Unity and C# language when it comes to AR. We also learned how to coordinate a schedule and improve our communication skills when working alongside one another.

What's next for Ikigai Pet

Get the app on iOS Adding accessibility options Create a multiplayer platform Add more customizable pets (pets that can reflect a certain disability/ illness of a patient: wheelchairs, missing appendages, casts, covers, etc.)

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