But why have I chosen this app idea? iKan holds a very dear meaning to me as two of my aunts have children with special needs. One of my cousins has infant muscle stiffness and the other is hearing impaired since birth. These disabilities prevent them from enjoying activities common to kids their age and the beauty of life. And the negative impact of their families is that they are unable to find products and services to help them out in their daily life. So why can’t we use such widely available technology and resources to help these families and why don’t I use the knowledge that I have gained in this area to aid the needed families

What it does

iKan is a one stop shop for all care givers and parent for special able kids. I did survey through social media and I was shocked to see the results. So many local families are unable to easily access product to help their children and even spend countless precious hours surfing the web to help their loved ones. For this reason, iKan is an app that allows parents to browse and filter products for what is best for their child.

How I built it

For this app the techonolgy stack was React Native and Firebase. React Native is fairly new tool that allows us to build source code for an app that works for both ios and android. It lessens the time from using native applications like xcode and andoird studio by using one tool that efficient and easy to use.

Challenges I ran into

I have not made a lot of projects before with react native so I ran into some difficulties at times. However, it was a good experience and working on this project helped me a developer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very happy with how this app turned out and proud of how I was able to use basic skills in order to create an app that can help many people.

What I learned

I learned to solve problems and design wireframes based on my vision for the app. Also, in the end I was able to improve my react native skills by building iKan.

What's next for iKan

As this app is highly scalable, it can be implemented in communities and become a resource available to all. My vision is for iKan to be distributed to doctors to recommend and have it accessible to larger audiences.

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