It is hard for fishers to involve in data collection or even it is very hard for professional enumerator to collect real/detail fishery data that can be used to analysis stock status of (local) fishery for developing fisheries policy at local level. It is hard to develop traceability if we do not have any position for fishing ground especially from small scale fisheries that contribute > 90 % of number fishing boat in Indonesia

What it does

We develop hardware and app - to monitor fishing boat position, gather boat profile, record (by fishers) catches data and then integrated all of those data by unique-ID developed by hardware and apps

How we built it

We build a GPS tracker (to record boat position) which includes boat profile data and has push button to record dates and send all data (boat position during fishing trip and boat profile data) with unique ID (e.g. combination from device/GPS ID and fishing date) through gprs.

We develop android apps that can access Unique ID developed by GPS tracker from a fishing trip. Fisher (or enumerator) can record their catch (price, species, weight of fish, number of fish, length of sampled fish) according to the Unique ID from the fishing trip

We develop database that integrate all data; such as boat profile (boat name, length, GT, engine power etc), fishing trip profile (date and location), and catches (species, weigh, number, length) - all of those data are integrated by Unique ID developed by GPS Tracker.

Challenges we ran into

It is hard to integrate all data from various tool and apps

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We proud can integrate all data set from GPS, boat profile and catches - and later on easy to understand stock status and marking fish caught by fishers.

What we learned

How to integrate hardware, apps and various data set for better management and marking fish

What's next for IKAN

We will integrate GPS tracker with Marine Protected Area shp file data, Fisheries Management Area (FMA) shp file data, EEZ shp file data to inform fishers they do fishing in right place.

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