Our inspiration came from the Japanese philosophy of kaizen. Kaizen philosophy teaches that continuous and incremental changes to behavior add up over time, creating substantial growth and lasting change. We aim to empower users to participate in their own personal growth and lifestyle changes.

What it does

iKiazen works by providing a platform for users to track their daily habits, goals, and moods over time. In an effort to understand why healthy habits are so easy one day, and out the window the next, we have brought human emotion into the kaizen equation. Even when experiencing temporary unpleasant moods, our graph features help you to view your overall growth and progress from a long-term perspective.

How we built it

We used a MERN tech stack, JSON API, Javascript, React-Bootstrap, Heroku for web hosting, and MongoDB Atlas for database hosting.

Challenges we ran into

Version control merge conflicts, difficulty choosing between wants vs needs, time constraints, testing and debugging the back end, completing the front end, difficulty learning new technologies including Node.js and React, and deploying on Heroku.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Functioning back-end, UI design, we finally got it deployed on Heroku!

What we learned

React, routers, the importance of planning ahead, implementing user authentication on the front-end, and learning by doing is more effective than watching tutorials. It's amazing how much four students can accomplish with a goal, a deadline, and very little sleep!

What's next for iKaizen

Complete the front-end, specifically our Dashboard page so users can log their emotions and save habits in the database. We'd also like to create charts and graphs to display user's input over time.

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