Roboys Muscles have no asolute position feedback. To Improve on this topic, we want to do some manual IK.

But without sensors you cannot know, where the arm is, especially with Myrorobotics. This is, where Intels RealSense camera comes into play. Our goal is to use the 3D information to find tha actual position of the arm in space and thus close the feedback loop.

What it does

To demonstrate this technology, we got the Roboy Arm working via ROS and mapped all the Motors of the shoulder joint. An Intel RealSense camera is used as a sensor via ROS and extracts the sceleton information of the Arm angle of a nearby person. By combining both technologies, we can thus replicate the Persons arm movements with the Roboy arm.

How I built it

Nachiket - Using C++, ROS, OpenCV Daniel - Using ROS, Python, C++ (Thanks to the Devs of Roboy for the help with the Roboy-ROS-API) Fukushi - Using Intel Edison board as a ROS node for future Development, C++, ROS

Challenges I ran into

The Arm is a complex robotic development arm which implicates that many things didn't run as planned. Some actuators had to be repaired to make them work to their specifications

The IntelRealSense camera didn't provide the depth information at first

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for IK Arm

Interpolate the arm position in more dimensions Implement the feedback loop with the RealSense

Built With

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