This is a business idea from a brainstorming session brought to life.

What it does

Our module samples real time diagnostics data from the on-board diagnostics port found in all cars made after 1996. It analyzes the raw binary data being sent back by the ELM327 IC chip. Then upon first available Internet connection this the data is pushed to our cloud and graphed.

How we built it

We use python to communicate bi-directionally with the OBDII system. After this, we take the bits received and run them through algorithms to determine the diagnostics values. We then use the raspberry pi to log the temporary data. Using a bash script we then push the data to our cloud upon first available internet connection. Finally, the data is pulled from the cloud and run through Google Charts API to dynamically generate graphs.

Challenges we ran into

None of us are web developers so front and back-end web development proved to be quite a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to successfully communicate with the OBDII system.

What we learned

We learned about communication serial devices in python, as well as some javascript from doing our web development.

What's next for iiCAN Tracker

We would like to add more diagnostics information. Get a better front end for our website, as well as make future predictions on data trends through statistical analysis of the data. And more than anything, we would love for our system to be able to retrieve information while on a trip.

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