Telemedicine is thriving in the pandemic, however there are still difficulties and miscommunication between physicians and patients especially due to lack of physical examinations. i-Hurt will facilitate the process of evaluating pain simply through a web app and will support the struggles of the deaf, people with hearing loss, limited digital proficient and limited English proficient communities.

What it does

Show the patient, just follow visual instructions, answer simple questions and your doctor will receive a summary of your pain experience as if a brief in-person physical examination was conducted.

How we built it

Wrote detailed Doctor and Patient User Journals with mockups and a web application

Tech Stack Used

Used HTML, CSS, Javascript and used React framework making Homepage and Login/Sign Up but also a bit of user cases with photo images

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The web app and the video - it took us a lot of time! Also time zones.

What we learned

Effective teamwork skills, being trustworthy, patient with teammates and technologies, issues physician run into during telemedicine appointments.

What's next for iHurt

Plans to translate this universally in English and with different sign languages from around the world

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