Majority of the time, people choose fast food over cooking at home because it is fast and easy. The hassle of finding the right ingredients to cook and the knowledge of what ingredients goes into every recipe could be intimidating to an average person. 
  People always look for quick and simple to use products that tends to be the trend of most innovations today.

  What if cooking could be simplified to a point where anyone could do it?

What it does

 Our application will allow users to select the available ingredients that they have available at home, and it will search our database for all possible recipes that they could cook and list it in the order of most likely to be selected.

 The order of the recipes will be listed based on a machine learning algorithm based on user profiling, past recipe selection, and the popularity of each recipes. Each factor will play a role in determining which recipe will most likely be picked by users.

 After selecting the recipe, users can choose to follow our written tutorial, or watch a tutorial video if available.

How we built it

 We are going to use html/css/javascript to design our website, and python for our backend

Challenges we ran into

No one knows how to code

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to create a website
Logo creation with Adobe Photoshop

What we learned

What's next for iHungry

After it is created, we want to go on Shark Tank.
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