Why someone will be hungry while whole world is ready to help?

What it does

It connects the dots between the hungry person and the world. Hungry person may not have internet access or someone wants to feed may not have money or someone have money may not have channel. iHuman connects all these dots.

How I built it

This is using Facebook live power. A live video does solve the problem of authentication very easily.

Challenges I ran into

When I thought of this idea everyone says how you verified your money goes to the right person and they are feeding people. I thought different solution to solve it but later came to mind what else you need if you see live that someone is feeding and paying?

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A critical problem of money transfer solved with a a very simple solution - facebook live.

What I learned

There is always a way if you want to deliver something for mankind

What's next for iHuman

Build entire platform

Built With

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