Theme of project- service that reduces the negative impact of the physical and mental barriers that people can face during social distancing to make them feel loved, supported, or connected.


I wanted to help to people to create a different project and showcase their skills via ihub meet up! That will help people to connect virtually and increase their confidence and remove mental barriers. To do so, I have build ihub Meet up product for beginner, intermediate developers, organization and senior citizens.

What it does

iHub meet up connects people with each other and create a common platform for beginner and intermediate level developer, organization and senior citizens. Apart from iHUb also helps to provide guidance and resources to wealth management to motivate devlopers and make them proud of their skiills and services.

1st features of iHub meet up!

There are 2 groups. One is beginner or intermediate developer group and other one is organization group. Developer group show case their different project to gain confidence on their skills. Any kids of projects should be created and explained via video demo. It could be fun, useful to society, or any kind of project allowed. If organization group likes project they can contact developer group and give them job work.

2nd Feature: Multiple community projects with demo those product senior citizens use without any cost. Organization and developers are willing to offer to senior centers voluntarily to help seniors.

Ex. sunny: Weather App clock1: Clock App paintbrush: Web Paint App Motivational quotation notebook: Live Text Editor

3rd Feature- QR code for each project site- people can share via mobile device

4th feature- Survey form for projects

5th feature- Assist and encourage developer to start their small business and help them to place first step towards Small business and wealth management. Small business start up resources Wealth Management resources and services. Live stock data Job Portal resources

5th feature-Virtual chat features among iProfile Members, and citizens.

6th Feature- Smile Blog to make them cheer up with Fun during pandemic to developers and senior citizens.

How I built it

I have build with HTML5, Java Script, CSS and with backend api

Challenges I ran into

I was alone with the project that was challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have created multiple small project that help society to build various project.

What's next for ihub meet up!

I wanted to implement training features as well as for developers and encourage them to build more advanced features for senior citizens.

Built With

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