What Inspired Us? We began with the idea to use a pebble watch to control the Ilumi lightbulb, once we had that down we began messing with the lightbulb and shinning it around and changing the colors. When we looked at the colors against a wall it reminded us of choosing a paint color for a room and so we decided to make a way for you to preview your paint color and then find what the name of the paint is. The User. Our target is the do it yourself person and the professional painter. As a do it yourself person iheartpaint will be able to help you plan your next room remodel. The professional painter will be able to show clients more than just a paint swatch; they can give them a full display on their wall of the color creating a better experience for the customer. Best Features. The Pebbles control of the light is one of our favorite features, it is able to select the color and then by rotating your hand you can adjust the saturation of the color making it lighter or darker. Another awesome feature is the ability to look up actual paint colors online right after you select the color you want.

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