Since the Covid19 outbreak, lots of people have become very creative moving part of their activities from the physical world into the digital one using modern technology such as video chatting & streaming. Former dance teachers started offering live stream dance lectures. Former fitness instructors started daily workout streams. Currently, those streams spread via word of mouth because there is no front-page listing all those digital alternatives. That's why we want to build the front-page for live stream events.

What it does

We want to connect hosts and guests from various different streaming providers. There’s a whole load of cool stuff to stream at the moment and our platform aims at bundling everything in one place. We want to help you take part in things going on in your area right now, from the gym around the corner to Sarah in the flat above who’s teaching people how to cook Indian cuisine. Create a routine by adding streams to your calendar or find out what is going on around you. But it’s not just about watching, it’s about doing, interacting and staying social! Your neighbours want to see what you have to offer as well! Join today to help fight social isolation and reach your community.

How we built it

Using a highly scalable Django web backend feeding a smooth and interactive vue.js frontend.

Challenges I ran into

The hurdle in grouping dispersed pieces of content is .. .. the grouping itself :). Getting some streamers to fill out the survey during the weekend was a tricky one. Furthermore, differentiating from big event platforms such as Eventbrite and Meetup had us brainstorming for a bit.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building the concept, future business model and complete platform that solves a real-world problem within 3 days!

What I learned

Quick prototyping and organising an international team solely based on online tools & communication.

What's next for IHaveAStream

Keep connecting people!


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