You will agree with me that we all have been disappointed by an artisan before, be it they waste our time or toy with our emotions, giving promises that will take them eternity to deliver when we need instant result. Coupled with the high unemployment rate in the country, we want to build a workforce and a system that will strategically reduce the unemployment rate, bring more prestige to blue collar jobs and address the level of competency for the workplace thereby solving,

  1. Unemployment
  2. Incompetence in the service space
  3. Time management
  4. Access to Cheap labour
  5. Poor Customer Service and support
  6. Access to Professional and reliable Artisans and workers

What it does

IGofer is an intermediary between clients and skilled and unskilled labour/artisans, so we are the third insured party that provides security and builds trust towards anything our clients wants to do. We are working with an Andela or Uber Onboarding model for staffs which clears doubts and builds trust, technological Advantage, Customer Support, affordable charges not minding the location and a student work scheme that will encourage undergraduate students to work part time as they study, our business model is different because we are using an onboarding recruitment scheme that places a lot of check and entails detailed vetting and monitoring, partnership with credible organisation will help us to build trust and have access to our customers homes and offices. An advantage for the networked artisan services is that it is not just a freelancing platform but it is structured to have a workforce with equal cash flow and jobs among its members and partners. Our roadmap includes integrating USSD, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Blockchain Technology to our technical setup. Beyond the technological aspect, offline and mortar shops are also looked at for as many that are not used to its operation.

How we built it

We built the frontend using html, css and bootstrap while the backend was with node.js and mongodb

Challenges we ran into

The time frame was short for us to build a perfecting website that is tailored to what we actually planed doing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we have something to present and all team members are ready for the demo

What we learned

Teamwork was the key point on this, because we had to always update ourselves and brainstorm on the next point of action

What's next for iGofer

IGofer has been an existing business concept but naija hacks helped us to start something with the technical solution, our plan is to get the necessary support to achieve our aim for setting it up through go to market strategy, mentorship, business support and funding, which will help us with marketing, advertising and the other important projects needed to aid our stability as a startup.

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