Katherine Morzy: Project Manager, Go Squad, BA, Communications at Purdue University

Ella Bogart: Go Squad, BA, Aviation Management and Airline Management and Operations at Purdue University

Ray Ye: Pro Squad, BA, Computer Science at Purdue University

Jarret Gilbert: Pro Squad, BA, Computer Science at Florida A&M University

Advisors: Greg Jung, Seven Corners. Andy Hagerty, Stanley Black and Decker


Indianapolis is hosting the 2020 College Football Playoff. While this is a great opportunity to grow the city’s reputation as well as its economy, there are several challenges. Specifically, a gap in the workforce is the main issue facing the event. Gathering the right people for these jobs is integral to the success of the CFP.


Indy Ignite is a website that matches employees to employers and vice versa. Through our service, employers can upload their job listings. Employees will take quizzes to match them to the correct field for their skill set, and after they are matched with a field, employees can watch videos to help learn more about the positions. This service will help solve the need for employees throughout the Indianapolis College Football Playoff.

Market Size:

Our market includes several different aspects. Over 100,000 people will be visiting Indianapolis for the College Football Playoff. Our TAM is the $150 million economic impact the College Football Playoff will have on Indianapolis. Our SAM will be the jobs created through the College Football Playoff.


Our main competition is other employment websites (LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, etc.). Our service stands out because not only does it connect employers with employees (and vice versa), but Ignite Indy also helps match employees with specific industries based on questionnaires.

Business Model:

Employers will pay $75 to list their job opportunities on Indy Ignite’s network. Through this service, they will only find candidates who have been matched with their field or job. Along with the matching services, employers will be able to use our instructional videos or upload their own. The service will be free to employees.

Marketing & Sales:

We will connect with local Indianapolis businesses through email and other platforms like LinkedIn. Online advertising will be utilized on social media and through ticketing websites as well. Billboards will be used around Indianapolis to target potential employees.

Progress to Date:

Development - June 2021
Creation - July 2021

Future Milestones:

August 2021 - Incorporate working quizzes and track user scores
September 2021 - Allow Employers to upload their own videos
November 2021 - Allow Employees to apply directly on the website
December 2021 - Incorporate a Badge system reflective of the videos a user has watched

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