There are a lot of "fake" fire alarm that goes off in the dorms and apartments that annoys a majority of people. We wanted to eliminate this problem which members from our team have also experienced in first hand. Thus, we came up with: IGNIS.

What it does

Whenever the sensor detects smoke, it alerts the user via voice message from speakers. The user has 10 seconds to turn it off, if not: the fire alarm goes off with high-pitched sound with bright flashing LED lights.

How we built it

We connected a buzzer, sensor and LED light to the Raspberry Pi. We coded using Python.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we planned to run our system in Arduino but due to hardware limitations and having trouble transferring analog codes to Raspberry Pi, we decided to just stick with Raspberry Pi.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

If implemented, it will make a huge impact to the community and also decrease the probability of false alarm going off often.

What we learned

We spent most of our time brainstorming, learning Python and putting together hardwares ! ** CUP STACKING !! **

What's next for IGNIS


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