Taxi rides are much more comfortable than bus rides. Nevertheless, taxi rides are not always affordable.

We want to give access to affordable taxi rides anywhere, at anytime, to anyone.

What it does

Our application focuses on improving the shared taxi experience in Morocco by making shared rides:

  • faster (set your ride in few clicks or join a ride in one click),
  • safer (no personal data such as real name, email address or phone number is shared within the app + passengers can be rated + taxi ride can be limited to only women or only men),
  • more cost and time efficient for taxi drivers and their passengers (a messaging feature is available to facilitate the organisation of the ride)

We are launching a mobile platform to design and schedule trips, connect with passengers and enjoy an easy and pleasant ride.

1) Draw your ride: in few seconds, in the app, a passenger will create a taxi ride with a pick-up point and an arrival point,

2) Publish your ride: the passenger posts the details of the ride to the users of the app (details include the departure time, the meeting point, the number of available places, whether the ride is limited or not to women or men.

3) Find passengers: people interested by the ride will book their place in the app and can chat with the other passengers.

How I built it

The app is organised around a native messaging platform. The app does not collect any personal information from the users so that full privacy is respected and people do not have to share their phone numbers, emails, names...

Challenges I ran into

The app is currently available on IOS. Android is being developed to reach the largest possible audience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app is operational, has received a number of very positive feedbacks from the users especially around the design and the UX.

What I learned

When sharing taxi with people that are not known, privacy is a very important aspect to take into consideration when building the platform.

What's next for Igloo Car

We will launch the Android version of the app in November 2016.

We will launch our app in several African countries by December 2016.

We will raise funds to expand our geographical footprint and add features to the platform (payment, post delivered by taxi, partnership with venues so that spectators enjoy an easy ride when going to a venue.

We currently use the igloo platform to offer the service and might build a fully dedicated app as soon as funds are available.

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