A large amount of customer communication takes place via email. That is why we created an Office 365 Outlook Add-in to give you the best integration to iGlobe CRM Office 365 no matter what device is used.

What it does

iGlobe Outlook Add-in provide you with two key features; 1. Mails you receive and 2. Mails you send.

  1. For mails you Receive, iGlobe Outlook Add-in will let you, directly from Outlook;

◦ Save the email in iGlobe CRM ◦ Create a company and a contact in iGlobe CRM ◦ Edit and update a contact and company in iGlobe CRM ◦ Create a note and opportunity ◦ Get an overview or the resent activities, like, e-mails, notes, meeting reports and opportunities ◦ Save an email on a selected contact ◦ Save the email and relate to an opportunity (SSO)
With a seamlessly integration to Office 365 Planner you will be able to create a Planner task directly from the Add-in. Assign the task to yourself or a colleague. When you create a task a link to the contact you have selected on the mail will automatically be added to the task.
The dream of one platform where one click will do the trick is now a reality!

  1. for mails you send, iGlobe outlook add-in will let you;
    ◦ Check if the receiver exists in iGlobe CRM ◦ Add recipients to your mail, both into the To or Cc Fields ◦ Select if you want the mail to be saved on receivers from both the To or Cc Fields ◦ Save an email on a selected contact ◦ Save the email and relate to a pipeline (SSO)

How I built it

Outlook Add-in for iGlobe CRM is a true Office Add-in designed using the Microsoft Office 365 Security model. As all Office Add-ins it contains of a manifest file that defines various settings, including how the add-in integrates with Office clients and to enable IOS and Android availability. The web application and service are hosted iGlobe’s Microsoft Azure. The Add-in is using the Authentication model and make sure the user has a valid token. Using the Microsoft Graph API the Add-in is interacting with several services on Office 365, like SharePoint Online, Groups, Planner and Calendar.

What's next for iGlobe Outlook Add-in for iGlobe CRM Office 365

Giving the customer an option to set and use customized fields from iGlobe CRM.

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