Working in teams is todays new normal. Microsoft provides us with great service, Microsoft Teams. One of our goals in iGlobe is the dream of one workspace. Having all the information and programs you need at anytime and anyplace. Important however, is to have it all just one click away. Microsoft Teams gives us exactly that. You can have, Chat, calls, meetings, create a Planner, insert a SharePoint Site, and many other services.

We want iGlobe CRM Office 365 users to have access from teams to selected customers. Making it possible to get customer information directly from within the team not having to go from one service to another. Breaking down silos and realising the dream of one workplace.

What it does

Team members have direct access to customer information from within the Team. Creating a new tab the team member will be able to add iGlobe CRM Teams App. The app will allow you to search for companies that are relevant for this specific team and add these companies to the Team. The app will show contacts from the selected companies. When clicking on a contact you will see the contact information and the recent activities on the selected contact from iGlobe CRM. You will be able to see recent; Notes; e-mails, Meeting reports and Opportunities. When clicking fx on a note it will open the note in iGlobe CRM.

How I built it

Inspired by iGlobe CRM Outlook Add-in, we designed the Team app in a similar design. It is importnat for us that the user gets a UI the can recognize and feel confident with. Using the Microsoft Office 365 Security model and handeling the access controlled by the SharePoint site where the CRM users are granted access. The Add-in is using the Authentication model and make sure the user has a valid token. Using the Microsoft Graph API the Add-in is interacting with several services on Office 365. Due to limitation in Fabric UI we had to combine bootstrap.

Challenges I ran into

Fabric UI

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I cannot see many other CRM with the same extensive functionality as we made. And we are very proud to say that iGlobe CRM is now avilable from any Office 365 service. The dream of having access no matter where you are in Office 365 is about to get a reality

What's next for iGlobe CRM App for Microsoft Teams

To get the Teams App approved at the Office Store. We expect to send it for approval next week. The next version of the app will allow the user to create, Contacts, Notes, Meeting report, and SSO directly from the App. Our goal is that all can be seen and done from within the App

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