## Inspiration Do you ever get stuck on what to get someone for an occasion? Here is an app that will help you for those times. Well, I am guilty of this! Whether it's for my friends birthday, sibling graduating, or for a holiday gift. Personally, I would like to get something that I think the other person would love or it has some meaning to it.

## What it does Ideally, I would like the person to be able to find a gift they want to save for later. Then in the app, the user is allowed to set it up, customized, and categorized however they like. I am going to give an example, if this app exists and how the process would be like for the user. I am web surfing and found this adorable sundress for my sister. I go to my app and copy and paste the URL or link to the app. It will be automatic fill in the information for you, or you can manually do it yourself. Some of the information will include, price, where you can get in(online like Amazon or in-store like Target, etc.). Then it will give me a chance to put it in a category so for this example it would put into "Sister." Then couple months past and it's my sister birthday. I open the app, choose her category and see all the gift ideas that I have saved for her in the past. I am hoping this will eliminate this problem... "Oh, I saw this thing online and think it would be an awesome gift, but I can't remember where I found it and where I can buy it."

## How I built it I have not built or made any prototype of it. However, I would love to have the opportunity to have it come to life!

## Challenges I ran into Like I mentioned, I have not encountered any challenges yet. However, I now have the challenge to promote and get people to like my submission so that I have my idea come to life.

## What I learned All of this like the process, would be a learning experience for me.

## What's next for iGift Once, I have the opportunity to create this app. One of my motto is that you can always find something to improve on and make better. As an example, I would later put this feature in where you can share with someone a gift idea or a person category. Plus, I would be happy to get feedback and input from my users on what they think could improve and make the app better!

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