As the intelligent Automation community grows, so does the need for tight knit communication and organization of the endless resources we produce. iFeed allows users to subscribe to communities and ask questions to fellow members or Bots…

What it does

iFeed is an intelligent discussion board. iFeed uses machine learning technology to provide answers. This tool will help highlight information in the Center of Excellence, direct users to the Talent Management Application, provide answers to Appian Best Practices questions, and so much more!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a ready-to-deploy fully functioning Appian Application with Integration with Natural Language Processing (NLP), LUIS, Twilio (Chat Integration), Diagflow (Voice Integration) and Question and Answer (QnA)

What's next for iFeed

Integrate Appian with our Machine Learning technology to have questions posted in the newsfeed feed the knowledge base to increase training. Customize calendar for all user calendar v individual calendar. The ability to browse user profiles. The ability to tag users and send emails to groups I subscribe to.

Built With

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