To help the ones in need and make their lives easier, especially senior citizens and people with disabilities. Who does not want to do this, especially if they can?! How many times have you wondered where the hell this family member is and what is he/she up to?!! And coming in as an international with parents and family in different time zones - that is very crucial. Plus for grandparents and other elderly people who care for us but usually we are very busy to call them. Amazon Alexa is a very innovative product, so easy to use. We want to use this new technology to make world a better place. We all have heard about technology making families apart by keeping them so busy in their own lives. This is just a small effort to put families together using technology.

What it does

It lets you ask alexa to do all of the following: It gives current location of family members It gives update on family members from social media (Twitter) It gives update on family members’ schedule from calendar It lets you call your family members, even a conference call It lets you do a call to 911 and family members in emergency

How we built it

Front end: Alexa app, mobile (using Ionic framework) APIs to get data: Google Calendar API, Google Maps API, Twilio API, Twitter API, Cordova Geolocation Database: Firebase Version control system: Github

Challenges we ran into

Alexa connectivity issues with Drexel Guest network Debugging Alexa with APIs especially with authentications and tokens for these APIs To get lambda working with different urls and with oauth tokens

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Many integrations Learned a lot (2 of us never worked with Alexa before, 1 of us never worked with ionic before - fun stuff)

What we learned

All aspects are important to cover and we tried to take care of all of them - UI, Divide, conquer and collaborate the work approach worked really good for hackathon - we are satisfied with our approach

What's next for iFamily

To be able to add family members through Alexa

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