IEP Anywhere is a web-based software platform that allows an unlimited amount of teachers, administrators and support staff to collaborate on special education documents at the same time. All they need is an internet connection and a web browser to start working. These staff members may work at the same school, or be spread across the county or state. User abilities within the program are managed by administratively-set permissions, and access to documents is managed by the lead team member of each document. In its’ essence, this program was built on the idea of having a collaborative framework. Multiple people may work on the same document, at the same time. This helps facilitate a team-based approach to completing documents and to streamline collaboration and communication. Gone are the days of needing to call other staff member on the weekend to ask him to please log-off already, and here are the days of getting down to business. It also dramatically reduces the amount of time required to write documents with over 100 banks that can store both district and user frequently used text. We also host an auto-save feature which eliminates any worry of losing progress on work already completed. Education is a team effort where collaboration fosters greater academic achievement than work accomplished on one’s own. IEP Anywhere helps to nurture the collaborative process and in turn produce the best outcomes for our students.

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