"iEnergy is a smartphone app that helps users visualize their energy usage information.

With the Green Button initiative gaining momentum, iEnergy is an easy way to monitor and be aware of your own personal energy footprint. Such awareness will inspire users to save both energy and money.

In the "Monitor Usage" module you can see how much energy you are burning, and compare how well you are doing this month vs. last month or last year. You also get your projected energy usage and cost information for the current month if you were to continue burning energy at the same rate.

In the "Smart devices" module you can connect your high power electrical devices and monitor which devices are running and how much energy they are consuming.

iEnergy can also integrate with your social network and compare how well you're doing amongst your friends and neighbors.

We believe that with these three aspects integrated into a single app, we can motivate citizens to be more aware and responsible in their energy consumption."

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