Our Appian centre of excellence have group of individuals who all ways are keen to explore the new features of Appian and embrace them in development work to add value to our customers. These inspires us to do more, learn more and deliver more...! iEMO is one such tool that our team has built in less than 2 weeks.

What it does

iEMO a back office event management tool for small and medium-sized businesses designed for effective collaboration, communication, scheduling, business process & invoicing. The tools help organizations deliver high- value experiences for their customers and attendees with the ability provide efficient event management process, leveraging latest 19.1 capabilities boosting the user interface, google API capability & DocuSign.

How we built it

In the true spirit of Hackathon Style our group go together in workshop during our weekend and built the complete app with just brainstorming and building the tool as we elaborate the idea, with less documentation work. There was this one person providing requirement, the other two developing, one directing the team, and architect / integration person and a testing team member with user experience / design thinking background. The application had the essential features required for an event management tool with a capability to uplift / enhance. It also, was integrated with Google Map & DocuSign features.

Challenges we ran into

With better user experience features available in the new products, we spent lot of time around user intuitiveness which let team to waste time on discussing various options and in the end the business requirement person just rejected all the idea and picked simple design. Learning: Check if Business / User really want all the user interface features of just things that would keep him going.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Spending part time hours and able to get the application developed in 2 weeks as a team is big accomplishment and we would be proud of it whatever the outcome is.

What we learned

As a product, we learned how simple design based Appian 19.1 is & its extended Intuitive Experience. We also personally enjoyed out team work getting involved in building Appian 19.1 application together.

What's next for iEMO

iEMO is currently more a back office tool, it will be extended with API's and more integration to cater new trending and user experience.

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