The 4 of came with a motive to develop something that will help the people boost their self-confidence. Reading about how Technology helped kids with Autism improve was so enduring and inspiring! Beating stage fear and social awkwardness is a rising issue in today's society and introverts' battles are just flooding with the growing social media!

What it does

  • Record/Upload your video speaking(for some occasion like say debate, interview or funeral).
  • IEA will analyze your expressions and vocal tone describing you on how are you are being perceived by others.
  • The recommendation model drives you to the YouTube link to improve the aspect of expressing.
  • You Live & Learn! :)

How we built it

  • Front End: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, High charts
  • Backend: C#, Microsoft Cognitive Services API (Video Indexer API, Face API), Google-YouTube recommendations API hosted on Microsft Azure.
  • AGILE!

Challenges we ran into

  • We had to Analyze the video emotions frame by frame since there was no API to analyze the tone of the video as a whole.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • 4 People with no common background, brainstorming and delivering a working model in a limited timeframe was challenging but fun!

What we learned

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Cognitive Services APIs.

What's next for IEA

  • Personalized Training Module for Training self in a particular expression domain.

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