iDuino is hardware simplified.

Creating circuits and programming Arduinos have become too difficult. To accomplish the simplest tasks, one must map pins, write code, compile, and upload to a device. Debugging consists of repeating this painful cycle over and over again, not only deterring hardware newbies, but also taking the fun out of development - and we're here to fix that.

With our iOS app, iDuino, we're bringing simplicity and interactivity back to the Arduino. You pick what you want, and iDuino will program the hardware on the fly. Just pick a component, and it'll suggest appropriate controls and pins to attach to. In programmer mode, you can build and customize a sequence of events - ranging from turning on LEDs to playing the Mario theme song.

iDuino is for the average joes who need a quick hardware fix, the kids who want to build their own toys, and anybody interested in innovating in hardware.

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