Establishing and building a blockchain secured identity for refugees. Using existing SW for rapid development and time to market, predefined and approved processes enabling a building a reputation based on competence, behavior, skills and knowledge.

One identity for all refugees being available for different NGO's.

We built it using existing SW to execute a live demo. Challenges we ran into;

The blockchain aspect of the Hackathon. There are so many possibilities in the technology, but we can't use and learn it all. P2P validation, zero-knowledge and various existing initiatives could and can be used in addition to our solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a live demo in less than 24 hrs.

What we learned

Politics in the humanitarian work, the life of a refugee, where to work together and when to focus on the next step. 5 mins. is a really short time :-)

What's next for IDty

We hope to be able to work more on these topics and deliver live hashes on the blockchain to ensure data integrity.

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