The current video game market is flooded with micro purchases and a heavy distrust between the player and the publisher, i.e.: the Electronic Arts Star Wars controversy.

Players feel like they can't trust the publisher. The Publisher has all the control, they can make overpowering upgrades and sell them as many times as they can. Using Block Chain Technology we can restore the trust in the gaming community and allow the publisher to make more money.

With blockchain the publisher can be transparent and limit the supply of the most powerful power ups, creating a higher demand by shortening the supply.

This technology can be applied to Collectable Card Games such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic the Gathering. Card publisher can use the block chain to authenticate cards, (limiting counterfeit cards) and creating a unique digital copy for use on line.

The lotto commission can use this technology to be transparent about the statistical possibility of winning a scratch off ticket at any given moment.

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