![BMW's and unused parking spots]

What it does

![Connects the people who are not using their reserved garage parking and the people who want to borrow it, especially in cities or wherever parking is scarce]

How I built it

![Used HTML, CSS, Node.js, JQuery, JavaScript and Bootstrap to create the website. ]

Challenges I ran into

![We tried to make hardware that would take a picture of the renter's car license plate every 30 seconds and upload it into a database in order to recognize when that person left the parking spot but the raspberry pi would not stay connected to the HackUCI wifi so part of our idea does not work. Tried to troubleshoot and persisted in working with new technologies such as open cv, hardware (objective c, python, web apis/sdk), and open securities built into ios. These challenges added key insight into what we could have done better and what we hope to keep iterating on in our next project.]

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

![We utilized the google maps api to create an interactive map of where users can rent a parking spot. Learned objective-c in one night.]

What I learned

![We learned machine learning to identify license plates, Node.js to run the website, and how to use JavaScript, google maps interface for how to get the locations, Bootstrap, how to create a rating system and pop-up windows. We also learned how to register a user and put them into the database, as well as how to log them in. We now know how to grab data efficiently from firebase.]

What's next for idriveanicecar

![We picture our website as a potential app, resolving the problem of finding parking in crowded areas or cities. We also look forward to iterating over our design in the future and hope to see more interest parking spot rental programs to effectively reduce the amount of traffic citations and crowding in the future. ]

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