Have a way to keep our Google Workspace Groups and Users synced with AWS Single Sing-On service without paying expenses services like Okta, OneLogin, etc.

AWS created a project awslabs/ssosync to demonstrate their new AWS SSO SCIM API and I made contributions to this project PR#36, PR#44 and PR#47. Unfortunately, AWS stop and abandon the project, so I decided to create a new one with a different approach to avoid some of the limitations of the AWS SSO SCIM API

What it does

This just keeps synced Google Workspace Groups and Users with AWS Single Sign-On Service using Google Workspace Directory API and AWS SSO SCIM API

How we built it

Easy peasy! in the root of the project idp-scim-sync you have a Makefile with different targets, the default build the Golang project for your architecture.


Executables will be in the build/ folder

Challenges we ran into

  • Data synchronization between two REST API
  • Hashing technique using Golang binary serialization to identify changes
  • Store the last state of the sync to avoid repetitive calls to APIs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think the most important one is that thanks to the state file I reduce dramatically the calls to the AWS SCIM API to have the databases synced and at the same time reduction of the execution time (minutes to seconds) when no changes to be synced exist!. This is because I used hashing technique to compare changes

What we learned

  • How easy, productive and efficient is implement things Golang
  • How hard is data replication
  • Resolve a real problem using my mind and way to program

What's next for idp-scim-sync

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