Often times, I see incorrect methods being used to save wildlife like squirrels and birds and sadly have to experience the death of these magnificent animals. Not only that, but numerous amount of new pet owners would tend to return their adopted furry friends back to the shelter within a few days or week due to them having the lack of knowledge into animal health care and behavior corrections. I built Idogtify to not only help the public to understand to procedures recommended to take before handling an injured squirrel, but also farmers and pet owners on further understanding their pet needs for a healthy life.

What it does

For those who doesn't own a pet or livestock, this web app aims to help them to identify the animal by using image analysis and output a list of common disease or injuries that these animals often face. If the case is serious, it would recommend the nearest wildlife society such as SPCA that would be more than happy to accept these animals into their care. In this Hackathon, I have currently only made it available to a few dog breeds where it will identify the dog breed and tell you the common disease that they might have and how you can prevent or cure it, either by bringing them to a vet or getting an over the counter medicine.

How I built it

Idogtify was built using React + CSS for front end, Firebase for cloud storage, Firebase Authentication for user login feature, and Google Cloud Vision API for image analysis.

Challenges I ran into

React framework, Firebase storage, and Google Cloud Vision API was all new to me, let alone developing a web application. Learning these on the go has proven difficult for me to understand and have each of them communicate with each other. A few hours before the hack ended, I was struggling having Cloud Vision API's label detection to work. I also downloaded webpack using npm, which cause an unexpected error to occur and took some time to debug it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm happy that I've managed to learn and get everything connected and working from the Front-End to Backend to implementing Cloud Vision API within 24 hours.

What I learned

I came into this Hackathon knowing nothing about how to program in React, setting up a backend storage, or even implementing an API. I've managed to learn how to communicate the front-end and the back-end together. Using npm and yarn to download the required dependencies and also how sleep is important.

What's next for Idogtify

Idogtify aims to not only help the people who are not well knowledge in animal healthcare, but also veterinarian in training to help identify the species of the animal and also use video analysis technology to help farmers and pet owners to monitor their livestock and pets behavior when they are not home during the day. The data can then be further used to inform the owner on how much they are being fed and how much exercise they are getting per day and recommend what would be the best options for the owners to take to ensure their pet's good health.

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