Coming in to PennApps, we all had different ideas and we all wanted to do different projects. After meeting all of the Penn engineers and the amazing Penn Med individuals, we were convinced that we had to do a health hack. After we talked with several medical professionals we decided to tackle the difficult to understand information that is passed between a doctor and his or her patient, otherwise known as patient discharge. Any given patient is going to have release information that is particular to his or her health circumstances. We have created a system that uses notifications to update the patient and caregivers so nobody has to worry about keeping up with records. Our system includes wearable technology to alert caregivers and doctors of a patient falling. Our wearable technology also includes an enhanced notification system to help with reminders for medicine intake. Finally, built into our application is a live interface available to doctors, caregivers, and patients alike. This interface can be used to get direct instructions from a doctor using voice chat, screen sharing, and live-action drawing. This interface can also be used to connect a patient to his or her loved ones at home. In conclusion, our idea modernizes patient care by creating a hassle-free medical notification system.

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