With the entire event of the pandemic on the world and the annual summer break coming soon, everyone's excited to sit back and relax, probably even go places for sightseeing. Whichever it is, Pykic Planner is ready to help. With just three clicks on our website which allows you to choose an origin and a destination, you get a detailed map ready to journey you far, far away to your desired centre using the best route that's fastest, easiest and shortest.


Because getting to your final point on time is our top priority.


As simple and quick as your Google Maps is, we've integrated Pykic for any user around the globe to select starting and finishing points for their vacation of any kind with the best user experience.

Our project automatically generates a suitable map for the journey — either by cycling, hiking or driving to their destination.


We started building using MyMaps. We first designed a prototype on Figma to assist us with the website which we coded in HTML and Tailwind CSS we built. Once a user inputs his/her starting and stopping location with our picked locations, a link redirects to a detailed route on Google Maps is set below to allow the user to go about the journey effectively.


As the majority of our team are first-timers, we did not know how to work with the Google Maps API we needed to make the entire map function. The team's tech stacks were mostly around C, React, Python, and Java, making it difficult to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The time difference also contributed to one of our major setbacks as we were unable to properly communicate our ideas.


Coming up with this idea within a short span of a day and a half coupled with the finishing of this project is our major accomplishment despite the few setbacks and time differences. We are also glad we could come up with an idea that could help the majority of humanity (especially, tourists). We had fun hacking together as a team, and we got to know more about ourselves.


Names Things Learnt
Priya Connecting a custom domain on
Aisha Designing a map for a user's journey.
Kevin Programming in HTML.
Paul Setting up Google Maps API to embed
and generate maps.
Caijun Building a database.
Ajay Video editing.


We hope to include an effective drop-down menu for allowing our users to choose their desired days for taking off. Through this, our project would present them with multiple time options they can choose to go during that particular day(s) with a detailed analysis of how traffic would affect their journey, time estimate and cost(s) of the journey.

Most importantly, we hope to make our website more functional, and accessible.


  1. Mr Ridwan Olanrewaju — @ibnlanre on all social media platforms.

DISCLAIMER: Our website is currently available with only selected places (origin and destination) by us, the developers.

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