Idify empower people with dementia to increase life quality and engage relatives in active care. People with dementia can revive, based on their reminiscence content.

People with dementia/Alzheimer are often left alone at home, without life quality. This decreases dignity and affiliation, thus the treatment enters into sedation. We help three personas: 1) The person w/dementia (@mild stage) 2)The relative/family 3)The caregivers (@severe stages in nursing homes).

1)At home we can make the person w/dementia more engaged by projecting old memories and historic events to him. This makes him calm and feel important to himself and decreases stress. In caregiving situations it can facilitate and ease the tasks of personal hygiene, eating, nursing. 2) The relatives can actively take part in engaging with the person on distance. Likewise can the spouse send small engaging stories/reminders/task to entertain the person while on work. The relative often have to quit job just to be present at home. 3) Caregivers can actively plan and execute their care based on personal preferences. Most importantly we decrease the cultural distances and ease the facilitation of conversation by educating the caregiver in situ. Another benefit is decrease of stress/tension inside the nursing home due to comflicting common interests among patients.

Idify is an online platform that can be accessed by all parties by initial keys given by Idify based on relationship. 1) The primary interface for the person w/dementia(1) is on a tablet projecting all memories/stories/events on a timeline with a corresponding set of favorited stories(with the biggest impact). The relatives (2) can work online to create large chunks of content, and have a smartphone app for day2day activities. The smartphone serves as the interface for continuous engagement with the person. The caregivers (3) have a smartphone as well pulling the stories related to specific caregiving situation. Furthermore the caregivers can send "community" stories either to the relative(s) or the person with dementia. This engages the relatives in the care situations while at nursing homes. And for the person with dementia, they are continuously building their timeline and personal history up to 'to-day'.

Everything is synced to the Idify server and pushed to the person's timeline when needed, without creating any disturbance. Innovation

Idify's next version is built with a "no-touch vision" mening that we are optimizing the UI to people with low cognitive capabilities. We have removed all back-pressing interactions, as we continuously show new content of relevance. We are calculating and thereby ranking which stories are strengthening the persons reminiscence. This is the key to engaging the person with the tablet. Furthermore this enhances the caregiving capabilities of the caregivers.

We have build Idify specifically for the individual with dementia, thus the hardware is (if needed) only running Idify. Currently we are testing out location based activation of the timeline. Eg. when at the kitchen table @9am we activate the story(ies) that help the individual succeed in eating. Likewise at the nursing home, we can stimulate a whole group of people based on their common interests. We implement motion-based triggers, an example is the automated hiding of certain stories when projected based on the individual's engagement, if he is shaking (meaning uncomfortable).

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