Dream App

Inspiration We researched about applications problems that a trainer face during uploading the data and digitizing. The DREAM Project is a nonprofit organization based in the Dominican Republic focused on high quality education, youth development, and community enrichment. One of our programs, Deportes Para La Vida, provides sexual and reproductive health education to over 1,000 youth every year through sports-based activities facilitated by nearly 40 peer leaders. Currently, the coordinators for this program spend around 50% of their time digitizing evaluation and attendance forms. We would love to streamline DPV's data collection process through the development of a mobile application that would allow peer leaders to record that same data digitally on their smartphones.

What it does It is an app to convert the data into digitized form skipping the manual intervention. Recording evaluation and attendance data from each program (approximately 70 per year) is a critical part of how DPV maintains program quality and gauges its impact.

How we built it The product is an android app that will facilitate the above goal. The product will help create an offline database of available surveys on-premise(in-memory).

Challenges we ran into Building an minimally invasive user experience that gets the job done and gets out of the way. Creating a business plan, which should be profitable and sustainable. Creating an app that is easy to use for a non-technical user Accomplishments that we're proud of Minimally invasive user experience Making someones day better.

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