We used to play "Identify Me" riddle whenever we have a big gang of friends. The way we bundle a simple object / personality into a fun filled question so that others will break their heads for cracking the answer is site to behold :)

The memories it leave with you are priceless. And the same experience is getting ported into Alexa that too with the intuitive multimodal experience.

What it does

The user (targeted for kids up to 13 year old) will be presented options to choose between three levels "EASY, MEDIUM and HARD" based on which Alexa will throw a riddle and ask the user to "Identify" the object / personality hidden into that question.

How I built it

For this - I sourced the questions and answers from kids around me which was a real fun thing. Then studied the APL and vui design guide. The tutorials provided in were very useful (especially the one by Cami Williams).

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was to find "time" :) Apart from that other challenges were - learning APL was bit of a challenge initially.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

I learnt APL (yay !!!). Also the part of sourcing the questions were so much of fun filled as I collected most of them from kids itself !

What I learned

Design principles, APL learning & integration

What's next for IdentifyMe

  • To add more questions
  • Enhance the layout

Built With

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