What is the hack: Identifai.Me is a program that analyzes a user’s latest photo uploads on Facebook to generate insight into the user’s recent behaviour, habits, or trends. Using both Facebook’s Development API and Clarifai’s API (where we got the inspiration for our name), Identifai.Me makes it easy for users to seamlessely derive insighful social data at the click of one button. The simple one-step authentication method, coupled with the streamlined user interface promotes widespread use and adoption.

Aside: Our team had to pivot to a different project halfway through the Hackathon due to a technical issue. Identfai’s core feature (of generating data through Facebook/Clarifai and leveraging the tagged data into sentence outputs) was conceptualized, designed, developed and deployed in a span of 7 hours.

Facebook Tester Account1 id: shawn_zfhfssf_johnson@tfbnw.net pw: identifai.me

Facebook Tester Account2 id: jenny_huxrktt_singer@tfbnw.net pw: identifai.me

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