Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) are a new type of token that have recently gained popularity in the decentralized world.

Digital ceritificate is not an odd thing for validate something, from COVID-19 Vaccine certificate to certificate of completion for an online course, Instead of just printing it as a PDF and uploading it to LinkedIn, the idea came to make it 'more valuable' and temper-proof by turning it into a NFT asset. This does not fully solve the problem because an NFT can be sold and transferred ownership. This phenomenon can essentially be resolved by using soulbound token.

SBT is new and this is a must-have item for the ICON blockchain.

What it does

A place to authenticate users using Soulbound tokens (SBT) on Icon Blockchain for Dapps that need to authenticate the user's identity. In other words, IDEN is an eKYC system base on ICON blockchain.

IDEN represent ID card/ Certificate which ensures they are tamper-proof, and cannot be forged or duplicated.

IDEN cannot be claimed or transferred

Provide a permanent record of the ID card/certificate.

How we built it

We decided to join together after hearing about the ICON HyperBuild competition from a friend and decided to make our idea a reality. Our team was lucky in having all of the necessary individuals for an agile and effective software development team. We spent every evening and weekend after our full-time jobs working on the IDEN project. We did all of our work from home and had online meetings twice a week.

Challenges we ran into

The greatest difficulty we had while working on this project was a lack of time. The entire team is employed full-time. Some of them even work part-time. It was difficult for us to concentrate on IDEN.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we can now build a product that was once only our idea. Despite the difficulties, we remained disciplined and worked diligently to fulfill a purpose to which we had committed.

What we learned

With a tiny team, we learned how to build a product from the ground up. It's not only about the technical abilities; we've also learnt a lot about discipline, commitment, teamwork, and effective communication.

What's next for IDEN

Regarding our vision for the future, IDEN will attract a large number of blockchain users who loves NFT, SBT, and ICON fan. They will be educated about blockchain technology, ICON specifically, in a practical and straightforward, and fastest way to pass the authorization. This is a fundamental step for the general public to start using ICON Wallets and joining the ICON community. The perfect puzzle piece for ICON to join the metaverse.

Because this is only an MVP version, many enhancements will be required for IDEN to function as planned. In our Product Guidelines we mentioned a few prospective enhancements.

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