Ideathon App

The idea to work on a new Vodafone app dawns with a necessary but lacking features. The current state of this app provides the user with many features, already. But, it also lacks some crucial and relevant features which are targeted specifically for the young generation, that is what you call, the College-Goers and the Young-Jobbers. We plan to change it, with our redesigned app.

The features implemented in the app are, as follows:- 1) Separation between normal Vodafone offers 2) Offers by its marketing brand partners 3) And most importantly, Personalized offers for an individual user. This is implemented in the app by pinging for the user's location at regular intervals, following which, only those offers are presented to the user which satisfy and are applicable in their, say 1 km radius. 4) Voice integration in the app, which allows the user to engage with it in very interactive way. Suppose, you came to know through the app that you've got an offer for "Mc Donalds". Then all you've got to do is, tap the mic and speak to it "Navigate me the the nearest Mc Donalds". And, voila! The device starts the navigation facility and figures out the shortest route to their destination.

Additionally, we've also come up with the idea to create a portal for User Behavior Analytics. This aims to provide us with metadata about the Users's interaction with the application and their loyalty to it.

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