I have always loved futuristic ideas and concepts. As many science fiction enthusiasts, who are often mocked, say "All that is science today, was Science fiction a few decades ago. The project that I have built is based upon concepts such as prediction and relationships. Participants are showed two websites that are about seemingly different topics. Just using the mouse and clicking on links the participants should output two of the same websites. This may seem trivial, even like a game, but there is something profound that has not been seen carefully. Say, for example, we can analyze how users got from the Wikipedia page of cats to microeconomic theory, we can find many things. One obvious benefit is that we can quantify the distance between data sets. Secondly, we can understand idea divergence. This is a very important idea as we have always focussed on predictive data and thus keep getting the same ideas. The other benefits include understanding the unconscious mind of the general population and most importantly, advancing the field of BCIs, Brain Computer Interfaces. Thus there are many possible uses and benefits of this simple experiment that I hope to build upon using further API's, and I would love to share my passion for this hack. I hope you like it.

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