At the core, IdeaFlow is a website that enables individuals or groups of people to create “ideation boards” on which they can post partially or fully formed ideas/projects and share connections they see between them or external ideas/projects. To facilitate the task of finding related ideas, IdeaFlow has machine learning/natural language processing algorithms to automatically suggest connections between ideas, and an interface to visualize networks of ideas. Because finding relationships between ideas is such a fundamental operation of cognition, this platform is applicable across fields, from organizing and exploring ideas/projects within a company or research group to identifying clusters of suggestions from a political constituency. Ultimately, IdeaJoin has the goal of realizing Prof. Tim Berners-Lee's vision of creating a unified Giant Global Graph of ideas which exhibits emergent intelligent properties.

The Android application linked to this is a dynamic notepad application that will take any "@" character and the following handle and post that to the suggestion box on the website as long as the suggestion box exists. It will only submit posts that have changed before to the suggestion box and has save functionality.

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